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'Quality Education for All' is critical to our shared future and technology offer powerful tools for educating both students and teachers. Rarely do teachers have the opportunity to see how others teach or students see how others learn. Good practice movies can inspire and educate both teachers and students and suggest new approaches for teaching and learning.

Powerful learning tools continue to come from outside education made possible by satellite communication. We can study the geography of our Earth with horizontal and vertical views via Google Earth, and explore the heavens with Google Sky. International broadcasters instantly bring us news and communications from across the world. We must make full use of these fast changing technologies in our educational practice.

Increasingly, our problems are shared problems which means we must develop an international as well as a local focus to our teaching. We must encourage our students to search together for solutions to common problems such as -

clean water for all
safe food for all
clean energy production to reduce global warming
sharing resources and resolving conflicts peacefully
global health issues
global education issues

The United Nations
Convention on the Rights of the Child has been ratified by nearly every nation and guarantees every child the
‘Right to Quality Education’.

Where are we with this guarantee?

January 2013, sees the relaunch of Inquiryschools in response to numerous requests. Many of the videos are six or seven years old now and video technology has changed. In order to facilitate smooth viewing and recognising that not everyone has access to fast download speeds, I have decided to use the excellent compression capabilities of Utube. (Note: The advertising can be clicked off at the corner X)
While technology has changed, the fundamentals of good teaching practice have not.

'I remain convinced that the best way to improve the education of our children is to focus on improving the skills of our teachers.'

Sherryl Joseph
Thoughts behind Inquiryschools...